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Rebatus App Review - No longer recommended

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Update 8/1/23

Rebatus has become a horrible app, with their rewards section always saying, "coming soon," and no customer service.

I highly recommend the Benjamin app instead.


$1.50 - $5 signup bonus with our link

$5 - $15 for referrals

Passive income 2 ways

Cash out same day (if you request a gift card early in the day)!

The amount you get for the signup bonus and referrals is based on which gift card you want.

For example, 2,000 tickets can get you a $10 Amazon gift card, while only 300 tickets can get you a $5 Taco Bell gift card.

Just link a bank account with recent purchases! So easy!

They give you points, or "tickets," for sharing data with them. That's passive earnings.

It's an app named Rebatus.

To Get the Signup Bonus,

1.) Use this link:

2.) When it asks for referrer email, use

You can do this by clicking the profile button at the top left, and then clicking it again when it shiws up at tye top right. Scroll down a bit and you woll see "Referred by."


3.) Link a bank with recent activity

The 2nd way to earn passive income is by your referrals using the bank account that is linked. As long they keep using it, you keep earning.

This is too easy. So whats the catch?

In order to withdraw more than once a month (which is a maximum of $15 a month), you will need to pay to upgrade your account. The $3.99/month plan is the easiest plan for most people.

Even after upgrading, you are still limited to 2 withdrawals each month until you've reached a certain "tier" by stacking up ticket earnings. With each tier you reach, you can withdraw more per month.

As far as making passive income on your referrals go, it appears you have to reach $10 in any given month to withdraw, and have to withdraw on time, or you lose all earnings for that month. Also, if you don't pay the small yearly upgrade fee, you have to earn $50 a month. Also if you don't pay to upgrade at all, you cant earn this way at all.

Referrals will also need to enter your email address.

But it's still a decent program, because

1.) It's easy to get the signup bonus

2.) Its easy to qualify for referral rewards... they just need to link a bank.

3.) Its free if you only want to withdraw ticket earnings once a month.

4.) It has 2 ways to make passive income.

Again, for signup bonus, when it asks for referrer email, please use




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