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Fight gas ⛽️ prices! Ultimate guide for Americans... more than just cash back

There are many actions you can take to fight gas prices. Why not combine as many as possible?

Two strategies on how to combine 👇

In both strategies below

● Keep your tires filled to the pressure recommended for your vehicle

● Get rewarded for your travel/driving (details below)

● Upload gas receipts (details below)

● Do something about the other bills you can do something about

● If you are a delivery or rideshare driver, view our list of ways gig workers can save more on gas.

● Make passive income by advertising on your car.

Strategy 1️⃣

✓ Use a cash back debit card or credit card…to

✓ buy discount gift cards (like to Chevron or Walmart gas station… details below).

Strategy 2️⃣

✓ Use a cash back debit card or credit card… to

✓ buy gas with a cash back app (details below)

Cash back for each gallon, with a signup bonus

1️⃣ Upside cash back app (up to 25% cash back)

👉 Get an extra $25 cash back by going through this popular site to sign up.

ℹ️ For some reason the button says to get the "game" but it's not a game app.

They also offer a debit card you can use to earn extra cash back on gas.

Apps that reward for mileage or activity

1️⃣ Are you a gig worker? Get up to $100 just for driving, even before this company launches their own delivery app

2️⃣ Earn up to 11 ways with this app, including...

✓ Move around, get paid (a little)

✓ Check into public locations, get paid

✓ Track your driving habits, get paid

✓ Click on pop-up ads near stores, get paid

Get discount/cash-back gift cards (to Chevron, Walmart, etc.)

Unfortunately, this can't be combined with GetUpside or Gas Buddy, but this gift card site could possibly save you more. The saving you get can be a much higher percentage, and can also be combined with 1% credit card cash back if you have a card like that.

Scan any receipt, like gas receipts

This is only usually only a couple of cents for each receipt, but there are signup bonuses and often other bonuses

1️⃣ Fetch

Scan just 1 receipt to get the bonus

2️⃣ Coinout

Must Scan 10 receipts to get the bonus

Cash Back DEBIT cards (not credit cards) + signup bonus.

The $30 bonus requires spending $20.

Do something about the bills you can do something about

1️⃣ Get paid to shop for cheaper car insurance. I know 3 companies that will pay you. Reach out to our Facebook page. Just say, "I want to get paid to gey cheaper insurance."

2️⃣ Professional negotiation. This company will negotiate your cell phone, internet, TV, and other bills to be lower, without you having to switch companies.

Advertise on Your Car. Join the Facebook Group

Hope this helps 🙂

Links are affiliate links that reward us.

Any offer on this site may be expired before you view it.

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