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Up to $2.2k for referring a realtor. Also earn by referring Instacart shoppers, hair stylists & more

Updated: Jan 9

We posted about this previously, but maybe you didn't think it applies to you.

But surely you know

  • Realtors,

  • Instacart shoppers,

  • Day care/ child care providers,

  • 1099 or self-employed hair stylists,

  • Event photographers,

  • Bookeepers

  • etc.

You can earn up to $2,200 for a single referral.

Even better, you are referring them to something with no up front cost that can possibly put over $25,000 in their pocket.

Even better, the organization paying them is very old, very established, and very well funded... the United States IRS.

Maybe you are one of these people, and can get the tax credit yourself!

Check out this small fraction of occupations you can refer (there are actually hundreds more).

Even if you don't know many of these people, you can earn if you only know someone who does know many of these people.

Check out the list below, then read our past post on how to get started earning by referring.

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Marketer (self employed)

  • Day care / child care provider (self-employed).

  • Hairstylist paid via 1099 / self employed

  • Independent loan officer

  • Any small Business Owner (non-corporate)

  • Instacart shopper

  • Independent Bookkeeper

  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) (self employed)

  • Event Photographer (self-employed)

  • Independent Sales Representative

  • Freelance Marketing Consultant

  • Independent medical clinic LLC (small business)

  • Independent Builder / Contractor / Renovator

  • Independent electrician

  • Independent plumber

  • Independent Insurance Agent

  • Financial Advisor

  • Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Independent Event Planner

  • Independent IT Consultant

  • Freelance Web Developer

  • Freelance Writer or Author

  • Independent Travel Agent

  • Independent Home Inspector

  • Fiverr service provider

  • Upwork service provider

  • Interior decorator

  • Independent Caterer

  • Mobile App Developer (self-employed)

  • Independent Beauty Consultant

  • Musician or Performer (self-employed)

  • Virtual Assistant (self-employed)

  • Independent Tax Consultant

  • Independent Software Developer

  • Landscape Architect (self-employed)

  • Independent Interior Designer

  • Freelance Video Editor

  • Social Media Manager (self-employed)

  • Personal Stylist (self-employed)

  • Freelance Copywriter

  • Independent Researcher

  • Any small Business Owner (non-corporate)

Hope this helps 🙂



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