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How to get over $400 for your 1st trip as an Uber driver, over $300 for your 1st trip for Doordash

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Step 1 of 2

A site that many people misunderstand is currently paying $200 if you use their affiliate link to sign up to be an Uber driver, and do your first trip.

They are also paying $100 for your first delivery as a Doordash driver.

Many people mistakenly think this site is all about surveys, but, actually, the real money is in the Offers section.

Check out our post about it.

Step 2

Once you become a rideshare driver or deliver driver, its incredibly easy to set up direct deposit. This can get you a big checking account bonus, ...and having a separate checking acount for your new hustle is the best practice anyway.

Check out the banks offering huge signup bonuses for direct deposit. The section for direct deposits is at the end.

Links are affiliate links that reward us.



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