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Can't work? Car in the shop? Sick? Over 40 things to help make MORE with apps than by driving a day

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

I'm a freebies-finding nerd... or pro

But whether you see me as a nerd or a pro, the fact is, I find free money and gift cards, like crazy.

So, if you are stuck at home for any reason, here's how to earn $1k today, of freebies.

If you cannot set aside a whole day, or even a whole hour, at least do the best ones in #1 below, the Easiest Bonuses List.


Section 1: Big money that you can earn today, but deposits one or more days later.

1️⃣ Do the top offers in this Easiest Bonuses List

2️⃣ Do the top offers in this list of freebies that get you $2 a minute, or more

ℹ️ If you feel overwhelmed, maybe just focus in the easiest bonuses list (#1 👆).

3️⃣ Do the top offers in this list of largest signup bonuses.

4️⃣ Upload pictures of one or two bills (phone, tv, internet, pest control, etc) to get professional negotiators to call the company and get them lowered.

If they dont succeed, you don't pay.

If they succeed, you only split the savings with them 50/50, so you definitely come out ahead.

If you think you may want to promote this, message is here on Facebook

Section 2: If you need access to money TODAY

Going for quick money wont get you $1k, not anywhere close, but sometimes you need it.

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Hope this helps!

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Any offer on this site may be expired before you would otherwise qualify.

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