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Paid to share phone data. $2 referrals. No purchase. No deposit. No ID. No SSN.

Updated: Sep 2, 2023



This app has been stuck with an error message, for days now, when trying to redeem.

We recommend going with this other app instead, until the issue us resolved.


This new app pays you to share phone data, either passively / doing nothing, or by referrals.

They reward you with points called perks. 1000 perks is about $1.

Cash out is $5.

The app's website has perfect scores on scam-detection sites.

There a small signup bonus, but the quicker money is in referrals, as $2 a referral

● No purchase needed

● No deposit needed

● No ID needed

● No SSN needed

The app says that the referral program will end August 31 😱, so don't wait on this.

Here's when the app will give you credit for a referral.

Your referral must

● Answer the app onboarding questions;

● Grant the three Android permissions requested during the app onboarding process, including the “precise location”, “usage stats” and “phone” permissions; and

● Keep the app running (with those permissions in place) on their mobile device for at least 48 hours;

● Access the app home screen at least once after this initial 48 hour period has elapsed.

I'm just getting familiar with this for now.

Two more apps that pay to share data are desribed in these 2 posts:

Hope this helps 🙂

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