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Get paid to try foods & pump gas. Rewards for safe driving. Free luxury vacations for referrals?🧐

Updated: Jun 1, 2023


It used to be pretty worthless if you are just looking for rewards, but they've improved it.

Another big purpose they have is to motivate you to drive safely.

It is mostly for people with cars, but it might be possible to refer others even if you don't have one.

Getting paid to Venmo

● First, don't get too excited about the $100 signup bonus. These virtual dollars (which they call "cash") are usually only cashed out if you try the foods or pump gas at their selected locations.

● They pay to Venmo

For Venmo cash out. You have to....

  • Have virtual dollars in your account, but at least they give you 100 to start.

  • Buy something on their list, like gas, ice cream, a big mac, or cheese sticks. The food items appear to all earn you $5.

  • Buy the item with a connected card (I assume so they can prove you bought it).

  • Make a short video post on social media, include a hashtag, and tag 2 friends.

  • Send them proof of your post.

This takes probably 5 minutes, assuming you have the virtual dollars in your account.

So basically you buy tasty food or you buy gasoline, do a 5 minute task, and get $5 - $15 (gasoline is 50 cent per gallon).

If it's food, you can do this once per week.

You don't have to use your virtual dollars to get paid for trying food or pumping gas. You can convert them to tokens and use them to buy NFTs.

These virtual dollars are earned by...

  • Signing up. You get 100 at signup.

  • Safe driving... basically not using your phone except for certain apps, like maps. You get 0.05 virtual dollars, per mile.

  • Riding in a car and not using your phone.

  • Referring others. You get 2 virtual dollars per referral and 0.02 per mile they drive.

ℹ️ Note. You will need to give them you driver's license information.

Referrals, not counting luxury vacations

You earn 2 virtual dollars per refer plus .02 per mile they drive (or ride) safely.

Keep in mind that cash out to venmo requires extra steps, including a purchase.

We do not know what precisely counts as a successful referral. My best guess would be if they sign up, and record at least 1 trip.

OK, finally, the luxury vacations/cruises

They have a section for free travel that says you can earn these amazing vacations abd cruises by referring others...

... and its not many referrals required.

See images below.

It appears you need to use a different referral link to get these rewards.

It is also unclear what qualifies as a successful referral for these offers, so I'm thinking there will be a catch, honestly.

The other app

If you want to know about an app that will soon be paying you cash to track your driving habits, and that is already paying cash for many other activities, check out our post about that one.



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Any offer on this site may be expired before you would otherwise qualify.

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