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New Gig App promo! Get up to $100 for no work. Plus delivery gigs coming soon. $10 referrals too.

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

We are testing this new gig app.

We already tested its $10 referral program, and cashed out $100!

Now they are saying they will pay up to $100 if you let it log your miles while driving.

They currently help gig workers in a few ways, like by helping find the entrances to buildings.

There is a waitlist to sign up for their delivery jobs.

Verifying your ID unlocks more features... and it might help you get approved faster when yhe delivery jobs are available.

See images from their app to learn more about it.

Cash out for referrals is at $50.

Referrals only count if they connect a gig app and verify ID.

They only are paying out $10,000 for referrals each month, so start early in the month.




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